In 2024, if you are still stuck with old fashioned business styles such as doing television marketing, flyers etc. you are missing out on the immense cash flow in your business. If you can come up with an idea and you want that idea to be known among the normal people as a service or as a product you would want to advertise that and in 2024 the best way to advertise or you can showcase your business is a Mobile App or a Web App which by the way works two way : – Web Application Development Services Custom Software Solutions

  1. First – It gives all those customers or non-consumers of your services the idea or information about what your business does and if you are lucky enough then those non- consumers could get converted into consumers of your services or products.
  2. Second – It gives you more turnover over a period of time, since all those existing customers and the converted non-consumers know your digital presence in the market and know your digital address. So whenever they want to use your services or products they are just one click away. 

FYI we have a chart to showcase a time frame which shows a business owner growing his business digitally over a period of time and we’ll see how progressive can that business be? 

So you might be thinking why? How? And what? can be done to make billions of dollars in just a small period of time by going digital.

Here are your answers : –

Why – So let’s take an example here that if you choose to become a successful entrepreneur or if you have any plan of expanding your business, making a lot of money or showcase your unique idea in front of the world which is still unknown because of your native methods OR if you have any other goal to achieve such as save the world. “LMAO”! Then there comes your “Why?” that means you have a goal or an ambition to achieve that is your why…

How – The process or you can say the middleware which shows you the path to your success is how. We “Robral Technologies” play a crucial role in doing so since we “bridge the gap between ideas and technology” . So we “Robral Technologies” are your how.

What – Now going back again to our main topic of this blog which is your digital presence such as a Mobile App or a Web Application to showcase your services and products and market them onto a whole different level with much greater bandwidth and targeting all sorts of people coming up with different geographies, increasing your consumers by converting non-consumers into consumers. So what represents a “Mobile or a Web App” here…

So for exponential growth in your business you need to create a mobile application or a web app today.

Factors responsible for the growth of any business by using a mobile application or a web application:-

  1. Made Just for You:
  • Custom apps are built to fit your business perfectly. They’re like a tailored suit that solves your specific problems and helps you work better.
  1. Easy to Use:
  • Custom apps make things simple for your users. They’re designed to be friendly and smooth, making people happy when they use them.
  1. Stand Out from the Crowd:
  • Having your own app can make your business special. It can do things that others can’t, giving you an edge in the market.
  1. Grow as You Grow:
  • Custom apps can grow with your business. They’re like a plant that can get bigger and stronger as your business expands.
  1. Fit Right In:
  • Custom apps work well with the other tools you use. They’re like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together, making your work easier.
  1. Look and Feel of Your Brand:
  • Your app can look and feel just like your brand. It’s like keeping everything in your business the same, so people recognize you easily.
  1. Keep Things Safe and Legal:
  • With custom apps, you can keep your information safe. It’s like having a strong lock on a door, making sure only the right people get in.
  1. Run Smoothly:
  • Custom apps work really well on your devices. It’s like having a fast and smooth road to drive on – everything works quickly.
  1. Make Customers Happy:
  • Apps made just for your customers make them happy. It’s like giving them something special, making them want to stick around.
  1. Keep Up with the Latest Trends:
  • Your app can easily stay cool and updated. It’s like having the latest and greatest stuff, so your business is always on the cutting edge.

So if I am an entrepreneur, I would be having a digital presence in the market to advertise my product or service in a greater geographical range to increase my turnover exponentially. 

That’s it for this blog. 

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